Putting Energy Into Wind Power, Solar Energy

As a solutions-based contractor, installing high-quality equipment that will provide long-term service is the company’s goal. Its product line includes Kyocera solar modules, one of the oldest solar module manufacturers in the industry, known for making very high-quality and robust PV modules. It also installs hot water modules from Apricus, which need less area to make hot water than traditional flat panels because of evacuated tubes. PIC also has recently introduced micro wind turbines from JLM Energy for making electricity 24/7.

What makes PIC stand above the competition is its experience as a general contractor, roofing contractor and solar contractor. All of these disciplines are needed for energy system installations because they require knowledge in carpentry to attach the solar modules, waterproofing for the roof penetrations and electrical knowledge for the correct system configuration. Pacific Islands Construction has it all covered whereas others may have strength in only one area.

Another area that sets the company apart is its knowledge of the industry and desire to share that expertise. As many manufacturers are exiting the industry because of financial loss or low-volume sales, PIC has carefully selected its business partners to insure its clients with the best products from companies that will be in business in the future and honor warranties. The solutions need to be with companies that have strong financials and are committed to providing high-quality services, not just a low price. PIC also has educated its staff to provide the customer with valuable information to help educate themselves.

Here are a few points that PIC believes every person should follow prior to selecting a system and contractor:

• Does the installation include roofing industry details for roof penetrations?

• Has the racking system that holds the modules on the roof been tested by an independent third party to verify the system will stay in place when there are high winds?

• Does the system installation come with a maintenance program that protects your investment by maintaining equipment, as opposed to providing a warranty that is not proactive in protecting your equipment?

• Have you been provided with copies of the warranties to see what is really provided?

• Have you inspected the contractor installations to see what details they use in their construction and what the quality of the workmanship is?

• Do the manufacturers of the equipment have a good track record in the industry, and are they financially strong?

Pacific Islands Construction will be at the Summer New Product Show at Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall June 8-10, when you can view the Zefr micro wind turbines, the Kyocera PV modules and the Apricus solar hot water system. Contact the company by calling 841-7756 for an appointment or visiting its website at pacificislandsconstruction.net.

PIC believes that an informed consumer will make a better decision when purchasing a solar energy system. It makes the effort to provide customers with the peace of mind that they have selected a contractor that is providing both outstanding value and the best-quality equipment. Trust in the company because there really is a difference in its quality of installation and equipment selected.