Wind energy in Brazil: Impsa produces wind turbines for wind farm plants around Latin America

On the occasion of his visit to the Association’s office in Recife on May 15, ABIMAQ’s President, Luiz Aubert Neto, visited the Suape Industrial Port Complex. Mr. Aubert Neto and a delegation of Association directors also had the opportunity to stop by Wind Power Energy – WPE, IMPSA’s plant in Brazil. The delegation was welcomed by Paulo Ferreira, Commercial Manager, José Leão, Institutional Relations Advisor, and by Federico Schlamp, Industrial Director.

Based in Pernambuco since 2008, WPE produces wind turbines for wind farms around Latin America. “We are developing IWP 100, the first custom-made wind turbine for the winds that prevail in Brazil, using IMPSA’s 100 percent proprietary technology,” explained Mr. Ferreira. The visitors had the chance to see the prototype at site as well as the assembly line.

The delegation discussed the current scenario of renewable energy generation and use, sector investments and benefits. As Mr. Ferreira pointed out, “Benefits go beyond socio-environmental factors. Unlike Brazil’s traditional hydropower plants, wind farms in the country are closer to the final user, which facilitates power transmission.”

In addition to the wind turbine plant, IMPSA is building a new industrial plant in Suape to manufacture hydroelectric components. The group is a leader in renewable energies in Latin America and has more than 100 years’ experience in providing integrated solutions for electric energy generation from renewable resources. With over 30,000 MW of installed capacity, it is present in more than 40 countries and has projects operating in the five continents.

After the visit paid to WPE, ABIMAQ’s executives went to the Industrial Port Complex in Suape, Pernambuco’s main development engine. They were met there by Silvio Leimig, Suape Global Director. Focusing on innovation and sustainability, the Suape Global forum aims at transforming Pernambuco into a supplier of goods and services for the oil, gas, offshore and shipping industries. “The visit exceeded our expectations as it marks the beginning of a great alliance between Suape and ABIMAQ,” the Director pointed out enthusiastically.

The visit concluded with a tour around the site of the Abreu e Lima Refinery. Petrobras’ undertaking is a 6.3 km2 High Performance Unit. Its technological progress will make it possible to implement environmentally responsible processes with great byproduct production capacity. Another meeting of WPE and ABIMAQ is expected to take place in July to discuss new business opportunities.

Wind power in Brazil

1997: 3 MW
1998: 17 MW (+466.7 %)
1999: 19 MW (+11.8 %)
2000: 22 MW (+15.8 %)
2001: 24 MW (+9.1 %)
2002: 22 MW (-8.3 %)
2003: 24 MW (+9.1 %)
2004: 24 MW (- %)
2005: 29 MW (+20.9 %)
2006: 237 MW (+717.3 %)
2007: 247 MW (+4.3 %)
2008: 339 MW (+37.3 %)
2009: 606 MW (+78.8 %)
2010: 931 MW (+53.7 %)
2011: 1,509 MW (+62.1 %)

By José Santamarta,