Gamesa wind energy appoints Ignacio Martín as its new Executive Chairman

Gamesa’s Board of Directors appointed Ignacio Martín as the company’s new Executive Chairman at a meeting today after accepting Jorge Calvet’s departure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Ignacio Martín also becomes a member of Gamesa’s Executive Committee.

Originally from San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa, Spain), Ignacio Martín holds a Senior Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Navarra. He was previously the Executive Vice Chairman of CIE Automotive (2010-2011), a company he also headed as Chief Executive (2002-2010).

He has spent most of his professional career at GKN Automotive International, a corporation at which he has held many management positions. He has also been Deputy General Manager to the Chairman of Alcatel Spain (1998-1999) and is currently an independent board member at Bankoa-Credit Agricole and Higiestime 21, S.L. and a member of the board of directors of APD (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección).

A sound company with clear business plans despite market uncertainty

Ignacio Martín takes the helm of one of the leading global technology companies in the wind power industry, a corporation with a presence in 50 countries and a manufacturing base in the world’s top wind turbines markets, from Europe to the US, China, India and Brazil.

Gamesa is tackling today’s market challenges by basing its decisions on profitability and competitiveness criteria, underpinned by a solid global expansion strategy — which enables it to capitalise on growth in emerging markets and diversify risk — along with a broad and versatile product portfolio and an exacting efficiency programme.

"I am taking over at a company that successfully managed a buoyant economic period. Now that the expansion stage is behind us, it is time to focus and place more emphasis on competitiveness and profitability. We have the tools we need to come out of this process a stronger company: know-how, technological skill and an excellent team," said Gamesa’s new Executive Chairman.