Wind Energy Update: India Wind Power Report Gives Confidence to Market

The Wind energy Update report highlighted that while the dismantling of the accelerated depreciation model is seen to have a negative impact on the industry in the short term, the introduction of GBI’s is widely seen to be a good move for the long term health of the renewable energy industry in India.

“There may be temporary drop in capacity additions. But in the long run, the quality of projects will improve, and the investment environment will get better as well”, states Sunil Jain, Chief Operating Offer of Green Infra Ltd. “With the new Generation Based Incentive (GBI) introduced just over a year ago, we’ve seen the addition of 3,200 MW in 2011-12, which is the highest annual addition to date”, agrees Mr Krishnakumar, Managing Director of Orient Green Power.

Will Broad of Wind Energy Update explained that readers of the report will get an “an honest and useful appraisal of one of the most dynamic RE environments in Asia”.

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