Wind energy in Peru: Montealto entering the wind power sector

The company has begun building two wind farms in Peru, one wind farm in Cupinisque and another wind farm in Talara in collaboration with the winning of an auction held by the Peruvian government, Wind Energy SA.

The two wind farms will involve the installation of 110 megawatts of wind power, with a total of 62 wind turbines that will generate energy equivalent to 420 GWh, enough to power over 240,000 homes, and save the emission of 240,876 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Both wind energy projects have an investment of 197 million euros and wind farms will create 220 direct and indirect jobs during its construction phase. After commissioning of wind turbines in 2013, Montealto will present during the lifetime of these wind power projects, performing the operation and maintenance thereof.

Montealto began in 1995 as construction and due to its capacity for expansion and growth, has managed to build one of the leading industrial groups of the Andalusian region, successfully developed three lines of business: Energy, Infrastructure and Environment.

Montealto’s mission is to offer integrated solutions in construction projects that contribute to the development and welfare of society. Energy is a strategic priority area for Montealto.

Over recent years the company has consolidated its presence in the sector. Specifically, to date, accumulating 1,535 MW in 93 projects in wind power and solar energy in Spain, Italy, France, Peru and the U.S.. According to its strategic plan, the company expects that in five years, Energy supply line 60% of turnover turnover, and the other two by 20%, respectively.

By José Santamarta,