Sunrain Leads the New Development of the Solar Thermal Industry

Sunrain Solar Energy Co., Ltd (stock code: 603366SH) issues A-share official listing shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board May 21, 2012. As the worldwide leader in the solar thermal industry, Sunrain aims to build a world famous brand.

Being the first listed company in China’s solar thermal industry, Sunrain will gain attention when it comes to energy conservation and the capital market. Through this, Sunrain will lead the revolution and push forward the development of China’s solar thermal industry.

Specializing in technical research manufacturing and market promotion of solar thermal energy, and application products of other new energies, Sunrain Solar Energy has provided solar hot water system solutions for thousands of families worldwide.

Talents advantage: Setting up products, talent and value systems, and establishment of a solar technique research center that benefits top universities and colleges. Sunrain focuses on employee improvement which contributes to Sunrain and eventually the whole industry.

Scale advantage: With the growth of the economy and the development of the solar thermal industry, Sunrain has achieved fast avenue growth and increased market share. From 2008 to 2011, Sunrain’s market share was 3.6%, 5.7%, 7.3%, and 8.2% respectively, ranking first in the industry. In 2011, Sunrain’s turnover exceeded 3 billion.

Industry integration witnessed a remarkable leap. During this process, the Lianyungang, Yanzhou and Luoyang bases were built successively. Sunrain is the first company in the industry to manufacture rough tubes, vacuum tubes, and solar water heater systems in one factory. Sunrain has the advantages of high quality, low cost, and great efficiency and is the only enterprise that can develop and manufacture all-glass vacuum tubes, all-glass heat pipes, glass-metal sealing heat pipes, and flat plate solar collectors at the same time.

Sunrain has intensified productivity, marketing, research and other working capital programs. When put into motion, sales are estimated to have increased to 3.36 billion Yuan with a net profit of 0.355 billion Yuan.

Upholding the Management Philosophy ‘Creating a world famous brand, building a century-long enterprise’,’ and Development Idea ‘Forging value and interest in the community and between the company and dealers’,’ Sunrain builds products, talents, and values which in turn form competitive advantages in technology and high-efficient management for sustainable development.