FedEx Express to add 87 electric vehicles to fleet

FedEx Express announced that its vehicle fleet is more than 16 percent more fuel efficient, well ahead of the pace needed to reach its goal of making its vehicles 20 percent more efficient by 2020.

“We have achieved 80 percent of our vehicle fuel efficiency goal as of the conclusion of fiscal year 2011, compared to our original baseline set in 2005,” said Mitch Jackson, staff vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability, with FedEx Corp. “As a result, we are reevaluating our 2020 goal to potentially raise the standard we originally set out to achieve.”

The new all-electric vehicles are being deployed in California, Texas, New York City and Rockville, Md., as well as various locations in Asia and Europe. Last summer, FedEx deployed a group of 24 all-electric vehicles in Memphis, Chicago and New York City.