Wind energy in Pakistan: incentives for 5% wind power target

The government under development of renewable energy for power generation policy has given incentives for 5% wind farm target of total generation in the country by year 2030 with guarantee to purchase, attractive tariff, indexed to inflation, exchange rate variation especially Rupee/ Dollar, Euro/ Dollar parity will be allowed.

Carbon credits will be available and exemption on income tax, withholding tax, sales tax and protection against political risk. The wind energy map developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA in collaboration with USAID, has indicated a potential of 346000MW in Pakistan. Gharo-Keti Bandar wind corridor spreading 60km along coastline of Sindh and more than 170km deep towards land has potential of about 50000MW.

An official at Alternate Development Energy Board (AEDB) informed that the wind turbines projects which are in advanced stages of implementation would produce 556 MW.