El Salvador to add 689 MW of wind energy, solar power and geothermal

El Salvador could see the addition of 689 MW of renewable generating capacity through 2026 according to a renewables development master.

Hydro projects up to 20 MW would add up to 170 MW of generation, followed by 200 MW of concentralted solar power, 90 MW of photovoltaics solar energy (PV), between 60 and 90 MW of geothermal energy, 60 MW of wind power, 45 MW of biomass and 35 MW of biogas.

Current capacity from these sources could reach 204 MW of geothermal energy, 110 MW of biomass, 35 MW of hydro (with projects up to 20 MW each), 6.3 MW of biogas and 0.5 MW of PV.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency reportedly helped draft the plan that is part of the country’s national energy policy, the article said.