Wind energy in Vietnam: Ninh Thuan to implement wind power

Under the memorandum of understanding (Mou), the company will construct a wind farm and power plant using up-to-date Maglev or vertical axis wind turbines by late 2012 to satisfy local demand.

According to Nguyen Van Nhat, deputy chief of the Provincial People’s Secretariat, the project will help light major streets as well as provide sufficient electricity for industrial sectors and services.

Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said that Ninh Thuan is a windy area well suited to the development of such a form of energy generation.

"With a capacity of 1000MW, each group of Maglevs will have a capacity 20 per cent higher than traditional turbines capable of supplying electricity to 750,000 households at an estimated cost of $52 million, reducing pollution by eliminating the dependency on fossil fuelled power plants," he said.

Thanh added that such advanced technology would help save around 50 per cent in operating costs. He said the province would support the plan, creating favourable conditions for its successful development.