Wind energy generation touches 3,000 MW in Tamil Nadu

Wind energy generation increases to 3,000 MW in Tamil Nadu. Wind power generation in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has increased to reach a peak of 3,000 megawatt on May 5 from 1,000 megawatt earlier, K Kasturirangan, Chairman of Indian Wind Energy Association.

Kasturirangan added that the state has been witnessing uninterrupted power supply since the end of last month as 30% of the state’s requirement of 10,000 megawatt power is being supplied from wind energy.

He said that the Tamil Nadu grid received 1,100 megawatt power on April 30, 1,300 megawatt on May 1st, 1,500 megawatt on May 2nd, 2,000 megawatt on May 3rd and on May 4th received 2,500 megawatt power.

It is expected that till the mid October this year wind power generation will reach its peak. In the next few days a maximum of 3,500 megawatt per day of power is expected to be generated, Kasturirangan said.