Solar power in Kuwait

Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony, KPC CEO Farouk Hussein Al-Zanki said the corporation working to leverage researchers on and applications of renewable energy.

"The second stage of the project concerns the execution of the initiative at three KPC sites, namely a petrol station, crude gathering center, and gas plant belonging to Kuwait Oil Tanker Company ( KOTC – a KPC subsidiary)," Al-Zanki revealed.

"The project aims to promote the solar energy applications in electricity generating and reduce reliance on traditional energies; it’s in keeping with the tendency of the country’s political leadership and the KPC strategy for management of energy consumption in an environment-friendly way," he noted.

"The first stage of the project, concerned with studies and researches, showed that solar energy bears a great promise as the best source of energy in Kuwait; this fact provided an encouragement for KPC and KISR to proceed to the second stage of the project," Al-Zanki added.

On his part, KISR Director General Dr. Naji Al-Mutairi praised as special the relationship between his institute and KPC, saying their partnership helps promote technological advancement and improve infrastructure of the country.

"The project, being carried out by national cadres, will contribute greatly to the domestication of advanced technologies, the preservation of oil resources and protection of environment," Al-Mutairi pointed out.