Concentrated Solar Power: The optimal drive for parabolic troughs

Concentrating Solar Power Plant operators are benefitting from the drives’ longer service life, reduced commissioning and maintenance times, and decreased energy requirements.

In June 2012 at the Concentrated Solar Power Conference “CSP Today USA”, HAWE Hydraulik will present the latest options for hydraulic drives in solar thermal power plants. This hydraulic specialist from Munich/Germany will have a booth at the conference and will give a presentation on actual and potential experiences based on actual practice. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th, and is listed in the program in the “Components & Innovations” section.

One current, practical example involves the delivery of 500 hydraulic drives for a 50 MW concentrated solar thermal power plant with parabolic troughs in the Indian state of Rajasthan. If the power plant is expanded, the trough’s holding and tracking will be safely and reliably performed by 500 compact power packs, 1,000 cylinders, and hundreds of over-center valves.

HAWE Hydraulik at CSP Today USA 2012
June 27th-28th, 2012
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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