Abengoa to lead brace of solar thermal electric R&D projects

Abengoa leads two concentrated solar power teams. The total cost of both concentrating solar thermal power projects, of which Abengoa will contribute 55 %, will exceed 12 M€.

Abengoa will lead two pioneer R&D projects in next-generation concentrating solar power plant development. Abengoa is developing new concentrating solar thermal power technologies that are more efficient and cost effective, that can be integrated in its own projects.

Abengoa (MCE: ABG) has been selected by the Center of Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) in Spain to lead two research & development consortiums as part of the Feder-Innterconecta program. The total cost of both projects, of which Abengoa will contribute 55 %, will exceed 12 M€.

Abengoa will be responsible for leading the team made up of 16 research centers and seven companies, that will on one side focus on creating the next-generation parabolic trough collector, and researching and developing other key components for the optimization of this technology, as well as create new thermal storage technologies for concentrating solar power plants that use steam as their heat-transfer fluid, improving dispatchability.

With these news areas of research, Abengoa will be able to develop new technologies that are more efficient and cost-effective that can then be applied to projects all over the world.

The Feder-Innterconecta program is geared towards financing large integrated concentrated solar thermal power projects that are experimental yet strategic. The main objective of these projects is innovative development in future technological areas with international economic and commercial potential. They also demonstrate technological and industrial advancements for Andalusia.

Abengoa’s position as a reference for concentrated solar thermal power technological development is strengthened with these latest adjudications. The award reaffirms the excellent technical and scientific value of Abengoa’s research activities. It also confirms the commitment to sustainable and technological projects, while supporting R&D development with other companies and public and private organizations.

By José Santamarta, www.abengoa.com