Wind turbines in Azerbaijan: study on Absheron wind farm ended

German Development Bank KfW and the State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy (SAARE) under the Ministry of Industry & Energy have almost competed selection of the contractor for consultation services on implementation of wind power plant construction project in Absheron region.

SAARE deputy director Jamil Melikov has stated that to date estimate of the bids submitted by the four claimant companies for the project feasibility study contract has been finished.

“It remains for us to hold a final session of the tender commission to choose the tender winner and sign a contract with it,” Melikov said. The term of proposal submission expired on 2 March and their assessment started on 5 March.

The five companies included in the brief list could submit bids. An interest for appraisal of capabilities and feasibility study (FS) of wind power station in Absheron district was displayed by 12 companies. Besides, the contractor will assist in developing the regulatory framework for renewable energy use and help establish a project implementation unit The package also includes environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Tender organizer is Interbusiness Consulting & Services GmbH. KfW is ready to give a 135 million euro loan for the wind energy project.