Australian solar power achieves grid parity

According to ABC News, Australia has become one of the world’s first countries to achieve what is referred to as “grid parity” for rooftop solar power.

According to spokeswoman for the Photovoltaic Association Dr Muriel Watt, this means that solar power is now competitive with coal, even without government rebates.

“[Solar] is competitive with coal if you add what you need to bring the coal-fired electricity to where you want to use it,” she said.

This means that for Australians, investing in solar power is a financially beneficial move despite dwindling solar subsidies.

“I think it’s a really good investment and that’s just looking at it from the price of electricity now,” Dr Watt said.

Dr Watt also predicted further decreases in the cost of solar production due to the growing solar market, the power of Australia’s sun and the strength of its dollar.

This latest win for solar energy comes as more and more Australians are discovering the many advantages of installing rooftop solar panels on their properties.

The financial benefits are numerous; as well as taking advantage of current government incentives to offset upfront costs, customers can significantly reduce their power bills and protect themselves from future power price hikes.

In addition, customers who invest in solar power can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that by shrinking their carbon footprint, they are helping lead the way to a more sustainable Australia.

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