Vestas wind energy: Final root cause for V112 wind turbine fire in Germany

Vestas’ investigation into the V112-3.0 MW turbine fire in Germany on March 30 has reached a final conclusion on the root cause.

We have now established where the fire started and how to address the issue.

The fire started in the Harmonic Filter Cabinet as a result of a loose connection in the electrical system that created an arc flash.

The solution to this problem has been confirmed by specialists; it involves using a different type of washer on the electrical connections in the Harmonic Filter Cabinet.

The solution is in the process of being implemented in the affected turbines, and customers are being informed.

Vestas is awaiting the reports from two external experts who worked side-by-side with Vestas investigators – these reports are expected within a few weeks, and Vestas is confident that this final conclusion will be confirmed.

At the site, the burned nacelle has been replaced and is scheduled to be commissioned next week.

Most of the paused V112 wind turbines have been restarted or are in the process of being restarted. As we return the paused wind turbines to normal operations, we have used the opportunity to reschedule and move forward on already-planned upgrades.

The already-planned upgrades are not related to the root cause; we are taking the opportunity to do as much work as we can on the turbines to minimize any future inconvenience to our customers. We continue to expect that all of the paused wind turbines will be returned to normal operation by the end of the month.