Total looks to concentrating solar power

Total continues to meet the world’s hydrocarbons needs for the medium term, while at the same time investing in renewables, said CEO Christophe De Margerie.

“For Total, conventional and renewable energy exist in complete harmony,” De Margerie said in a session at the Unctad XIII, World Investment Forum in Doha yesterday.

“The very first task of Total, being the world’s fifth largest oil and gas company, is to ensure energy supply to the world,” he said. “Energy is essential to life, and to respect life the mission for the oil major is to supply energy in a sustainable manner, while mitigating the impact of its activities on the environment,” De Margerie said.

Total estimates indicate that fossil fuels will continue to dominate the global mix in 2030. And it expects global oil production capacity to reach 95mn barrels per day.

To meet the energy demand, Total is investing heavily to find and produce new reserves while making good on their commitment to manage risks and protect the environment.

The development of alternative energies, the promotion of efficient energy use, and conservation complement the essential applications of oil and gas supplies.

Total, he said, has identified promising fields such as solar energy, biofuels and carbon chemistry paired with a carbon capture and storage solution.

As for solar energy, Total recently acquired “SunPower”, one of the world top leaders in the photovoltaic solar energy industry, and is commissioning Shams 1, the world’s largest concentrated solar thermal power plant in Abu Dhabi.

Total Middle East President Arnaud Breuillac said: “Especially in the Gulf region, where the development of oil and gas resources remains our top priority, we also have several initiatives with projects on renewable and alternative sources of energy. Primarily, this is to fulfil the growing local demand for energy and complement oil and gas with renewable energy as a source of power, and also, to diminish the impact on climate change.”

Total has been part of Qatar’s history for more than 76 years. The company has been continuously active in Qatar since 1936 and the sole international oil company which is present in all branches of Qatar’s energy sector.

Stephane Michel, Total Group representative in Qatar and Managing Director, Total Exploration and Production (Qatar) said: “The World Investment Forum reminds all global companies their role and duties in building the future world. Here in Qatar, we are highly committed to support the development and growth of the country in all fields: industrial, economical, human, social and environmental.

“As a global company we must act as responsible citizen and design the most fitting landscape for future investment for sustainable development. We do it through partnering with the key institutions in the development of the country, which allows ensuring mutual understanding and respect for the people and their culture.”