Haryana’s first concentrated solar thermal power facility to come in Gurgaon

The Gurgaon-based Haryana s first concentrated solar thermal power plant, which is almost completed, will run on the steam-and-turbine principle in place of using expensive solar photovoltaic cells. The facility will begin test operations by the first week of next month.

Solar energy is known as the most excellent option over traditional energy. However, the technology will need much time prior to substitute the accessible sources of power production fruitfully. It is facing two obstructions en route for its advancement and these are its elevated expenses, and low effectiveness, while the brains behind 1MW concentrating solar thermal facility in Gurgaon are trying to remove these two challenges via their new project.

Usually, solar plants are composed of photovoltaic (p-v) cells, which convert sunlight directly into electricity, stated S K Singh, the Gurgaon-based Solar Energy Centre s scientist and the director of the solar thermal department.

The Photovoltaic cells are expensive, with 17% of average competence, and it reflects that just 17% of the energy confined from the sun can be translated to power effectively. The new solar thermal facility inside the SEC grounds is completely different from this method. This plant works on the thermal principle. We will first use the sun s energy to generate heat. Using this heat, we generate high-pressure steam, which is then directed to a turbine generator, which in turn gives us electricity, stated Singh.

According to experts, this special technique to make alternative power is cost effective as it trims down the preliminary and long-term expenses by around 10%, and more competent as it also boosts the effectiveness ranks by as much as 8%. Singh added, Thermal plants usually have an efficiency of 20-25%, much higher than p-v plants.

After the completion of the trial operations, the new facility will be linked to the power grid of the state and will be capable of creating sufficient amount of green energy to meet demands of 4,000 households.

We are expecting that this will be on the grid by May end. We have already installed all the solar collector blocks here. Here the steam will first be generated at 40 degrees Celsius, and will then be superheated to 350 degrees Celsius when it hits the turbine, stated a SEC official.