Ethiopian Wind Energy Potential: one million MW of wind power

Ethiopia has wind power potential that could potentially generate more than one million MW of electricity according to a study.

The first draft of the master plan study carried out by Hydro China Corporation assessed the nation’s potential wind turbines and solar energy said Xu Lushi representing the company. Wind and solar energy has great potential to meet the growing energy demand and to reduce global warming he noted.

The plan has focused on identifying the wind farm and solar energy potential of the country to assist development efforts and further strengthen the link between Ethiopia and China said Zhang Wei, Secretary of the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia.

The Chinese Embassy has allocated 1.5 million US dollars to fund the study conducted on the energy potential of the country said Gosaye Mengiste, Energy Development, Supervision and Regulatory Director with the Ministry of Water and Energy.

Wind power has already been launched in Ethiopia and it is expected that the nation will generate 171 MW of energy from this source according to Gosaye.

It is to be remembered that the Adama wind farm being developed at a cost of 117 million US dollars in Ethiopia is nearing completion.

The project was launched in June of last year and is expected to be finalized by the coming June according to Miskir Negash, Head of Public Relations with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation. The wind farm will have a potential capacity of 51 MW with a total of 34 wind turbines each generating 1.5 MW said Miskir.