AEG Power Solutions achieves stellar performance for solar energy installations across India

AEG Power Solutions announced that 40 MW have been installed since the beginning of operations in India and that 34 MW have been booked since January 2012 when 33.5 MW had been awarded for the year 2011. The orders consisted of complete electrical systems, including inverters, monitoring and measurement equipment, to equip solar plants throughout India, mostly in the state of Gujarat.

“The successful installations in Gujarat demonstrate the reactivity and efficiency of our team and show that we are strengthening our market position”.

The completed projects include several within the renowned Gujarat 500 MW Solar Power Park. The state’s long-term power purchase program involves agreements with 80 project developers, to commission almost 1,000 MW of solar generation capacity by the end of 2013. The AEG Power Solutions 1 MW solar plant supplied to EI Technologies was the first project commissioned at the 500 MW Gujarat Solar Park. “We were aiming to be the first developer to commission a plant in the Gujarat Park and felt confident that AEG Power Solutions’ expertise would help us do so,” said Mr. N. Ranganath, Chairman & Managing Director, EI Technologies. “We selected AEG Power Solutions over a dozen competitors because of their straightforward, honest approach. They lived up to the faith we bestowed on them, commissioning our plant well before the deadline.”

“We were very impressed with AEG’s technology presentation,” added Mr. Suchindra Dikshit, EI Technologies Project Coordinator. “The successful installations in Gujarat demonstrate the reactivity and efficiency of our team and show that we are strengthening our market position,” said Sridhar Murthy, AEG Power Solutions Managing Director in India.

All told, 11 MW of AEG Power Solutions installations in India had been commissioned by year-end. What is more, the various installations were built to multiple grid evacuation voltages — 11, 33, and 66 KV.

AEG Power Solutions also successfully executed projects for M/S Saisudhir Energy Limited, as part of the National Solar Mission. “We have strong faith in AEG Power Solutions products and their ability to match performance to specifications,” commented Mr. P. Udaya Sankar, Director & Chief Operating Officer of SaiSudhir Energy Limited. “We are sure AEG Power Solutions can meet any type of demand with timely supplies and project execution.”

AEG Power Solutions commitment to customers throughout India is rooted in the company’s manufacturing facility in Bangalore, inaugurated in October 2011. In January 2012 alone, the plant recorded orders for inverters and monitoring solutions representing about 34 MW of generating capacity in Q1 2012 All AEG Power Solutions inverters for Indian customers are manufactured at the Bangalore facility, which now employs about 100 people. “We invested in the plant to prove our commitment and to become a major player in India,” said Managing Director Sridhar. “The latest results show that our strategy is working.”