Wind energy in India: Jammu and Kashmir will have first wind farm

The process to grant the wind turbines project has been begun. It will come up at Bidda site in Reasi district that has high wind potential, officials of Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development department (JAKEDA) said.

To study the wind potential and feasibility of such projects in the state, two wind masts were installed at Ijara in Baramulla district and Bidda, officials said.

They said, as per the tests, there is wind potential of about 336 watts/square meter at 50 meters by height. The wind turbines project of around 10 MW could be developed in first stage, they added. The Ijara site was not found feasible

For development of the Bidda site, draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been prepared and forwarded to NHPC for their acceptance as the location at which wind farm is to be developed is leased out to NHPC by the State Government, the officials said.

JAKEDA has mandate to implement wind power projects in State while thermal energy projects are being implemented by the PDD, they said.

In case of wind power projects, masts are installed in the first instance to measure the wind velocity for ascertaining the wind potential.

The measurements are taken initially for a period of two years and if the site is found feasible then the study is extended for one one more year, they said.

"Therefore the criteria for developing of wind farm is to first access the wind potential and then take up the wind power projects, if the site is found feasible and approved by the Centre for Wind Energy Technology".

The department through JAKEDA will install wind masts in other areas also, as and when they are approved.

Wind power in India

1997: 940 MW
1998: 992 MW (+5.6 %)
1999: 1,035 MW (+4.4 %)
2000: 1,267 MW (+22.5 %)
2001: 1,507 MW (+19 %)
2002: 1,702 MW (+13 %)
2003: 2,110 MW (+24 %)
2004: 3,000 MW (+42.2 %)
2005: 4,430 MW (+47.7 %)
2006: 6,270 MW (+41.6 %)
2007: 7,850 MW (+25.2 %)
2008: 9,587 MW (+22.2 %)
2009: 10,926 MW (+14 %)
2010: 13,065 MW (+19.6 %)
2011: 15,800 MW (+21 %)