Electric car: Endesa to offer 507 recharging points for electric vehicles

Endesa to have a portfolio of 507 electric vehicle recharging points in Spain and Latin America. 329 were installed in 2011 whilst the rest will be installed over the course of this year. The company continues to negotiate agreements with manufacturers, suppliers and administrations to install new recharging points on public roads, garages, car parks and private centres.

In Spain, Endesa’s involvement in the three cities that fall within the Government’s e-mobility project, the Movele Plan, has driven the installation of recharging points on the streets and in garages in cities like Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. Endesa has also installed recharging points in other parts of Spain, including Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Córdoba. In total Endesa has installed 313 electric vehicle recharging points in Spain.

Endesa’s objective in 2012 is to complete its Strategic Sustainability Plan guaranteeing e-mobility. To achieve this the company plans to install another 107 recharging points throughout Spain, and have a total of 420 recharging points by the end of 2012. Information about the location of the recharging points is available on Endesa’s website, www.endesavehiculoelectrico.com/

Endesa is also committed to the introduction of e-mobility in Latin America. Chile and Colombia are pioneers in e-mobility in Latin America. Via the company’s distributor in Chile, Chilectra, Endesa installed seven recharging points there last year, including the first rapid recharging point in Latin America. A further 14 recharging points are scheduled to be installed in 2012, which will bring the total in the country to 21.

In 2011, Condensa, Endesa’s distributor in Colombia, installed eight electric vehicle recharging points. Endesa will install a further 52 recharging points in the country in 2012. Brazil and Argentina are the other two countries where Endesa will introduce e-mobility in 2012, through the installation of two recharging points in Brazil (one was previously installed in 2011) and three in Argentina.

Electric vehicle development at Endesa

Endesa, apart the Movele Plan, is also involved in the leading Spanish technology initiatives (Cenit VERDE and the DER22@ y REVE -Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos projects) and has signed agreements with leading companies to promote e-mobility. In Europe, Endesa is part of the Green eMotion consortium and is also the only Spanish company involved in the ELVIRE consortium aimed at developing the necessary technology, solutions and services to enable on-going interaction between drivers, their power suppliers and the smart grid. These projects also evaluate the impact of a large-scale introduction of EVs on the power grid. At an international level, Endesa is taking part in the Zem2All project, a 60 million euro initiative which will test the new services and advantages offered by e-mobility in cities on a mass scale.

Endesa was one of the first companies to join international standardisation and regulation groups for e-mobility equipment, systems and solutions. It is also European chair of CHAdeMO, the Japanese association that provides fast charge services for EV users and is aimed at expanding the installation of these recharging points worldwide and setting recharge standards.