Wind energy in Tunisia: El Alia wind farm operational

The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) has commissioned officially an electricity generating wind power station at El Alia (Bizerte), after a trial period that had begun on February 20, 2012.

The wind farm has a production capacity of 50 megawatts of electricity generated by 37 wind turbines. It is part of a project to produce electricity, using wind energy to produce 120 megawatts at the end of the first phase, scheduled for August 2012, according to STEG.

According to forecasts, this capacity will increase to 190 megawatts upon completion of the second phase before the end of 2013.

The project spreads over two sites, the first in Metline / El Alia and the second in Jebel Kchayta, between the delegations of Menzel Bourguiba and Utique and involves the installation of 143 wind turbines, located 55 meters from ground level.

The 600-million-dinar project will cover the needs of 350,000 subscribers in low-voltage energy for domestic use. The production of these turbines is 120,000 tons of oil equivalent (TOE), which is likely to reduce domestic imports. Similarly, it will reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by 300,000 tons per year.