First Photovoltaic Solar Energy Plant in Nicaragua

At least 534 panels set to capture solar energy will generate electricity for over 1,200 houses in Diriamba rural area, about 35 kilometers from the capital, El Nuevo Diario reported Monday.

The mayor of the city, Bismarck Perez, told the newspaper that this project of renewable energy photovoltaic will cover 57 acres of land and is expected to begin operating in November. The solar energy project also has a government monetary compensation assigned by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

According to the engineer Marvin Aleman Gonzalez, head of field of the project, the rainy season is not a problem to generate solar power, as this is stored by batteries to supply the demand.

In addition, the plant will reduce dependence on thermal energy generated by oil, and create profits estimated at 100,000 dollars annually, which will be invested in social projects for the surrounding communities, said the newspaper.

Following the opening of this photovoltaic mega project which is aimed at producing 50.5 megawatts, municipal authorities plan to allow students visits and people interested in learning about a friendly environment work.