Marmara Region to Dominate Turkish Wind Energy Industry

Marmara Region has emerged as one of the most sought after destination for setting up wind farms in Turkey, according to a recent research report “Turkey Wind Power Sector Outlook 2016” published by KuicK Research. The Marmara Region accounted for more than 50% of overall cumulative wind power installed capacity and wind power generation in Turkey.

As per the report findings, one of the foremost reasons for dominance of Marmara Region is the presence of the high scale of wind power density and favorable wind speed as compare to other regions in Turkey. The annual mean wind power density in Marmara Region is estimated around 51.91 W/m2 with annual mean wind speed at 3.29 m/s, which is highest as compare to any other region in Turkey. The wind availability in Marmara region is estimated to be twice that of some of the countries in European region. The wind power potential is calculated between 6.0-7.0 m/s in Marmara, Western Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean coasts, 5.0-6.0 m/s in West Mediterranean coasts, 7.0-8.5 m/s in North western Aegean coasts and 4.5-5.5 m/s in inner areas.

The presence of abundance of wind power resources in Marmara Region has resulted in double digit growth of Turkey wind power installed capacity in recent years. Marmara Region will continue to dominate the Turkish wind power sector landscape in coming years as increasing number of companies will continue to invest there.

“Turkey Wind Power Sector Outlook 2016” reports gives detailed overview on the various aspects related to wind power sector in Turkey. It helps readers to analyze the current & emerging trends in wind power sector, regulatory and policy framework, wind power resource and potential by region and province, details of operating wind farms and competitive landscape.