CLP India signs a 102.4 MW wind energy project

CLP India, one of the largest foreign private players in the Indian Power Sector, announced that they have signed a 102.4 MW wind power project called `Bhakrani` in Rajasthan. The wind farm will be using Enercon`s 800 kW Gearless E53 wind turbines designed for medium to low wind speed sites. This technology is already used by CLP India in its earlier projects constructed by Enercon. The project is expected to be fully commissioned by December`2012. This project marks CLP India`s third wind power project in the state and ninth wind project in India.

Rajiv Mishra, Managing Director, CLP India said, “India has a rich and largely unexploited base of renewable energy resources including wind. Capitalizing on this will not only help achieve our capacity addition targets but will also reduce the level of carbon footprint that has dire effects on our environment. The country`s GDP growth potential requires investments across all sources of renewable & conventional energy that will help achieve an energy efficient and sustainable economy. By developing wind power, we can reduce our dependence on oil and natural gas, creating energy portfolios that are less vulnerable to price rises and fuel availability.“

“CLP`s focus on wind is guided by it`s `Climate Vision 2050`, which has laid out it`s carbon-dioxide emissions intensity reduction targets to the year 2050,“ Mishra added.

Mahesh Makhija, Director – Renewables Business Development, CLP India said, “Wind has been a key area of thrust for us over the past 4-5 years and we are committed to growing this part of our portfolio in India by 200 to 300 MW every year. Only four months into 2012 and this is the second wind farm project that we have singed in the state of Rajasthan. The coupled capacity of the projects is over 200 MW. This exemplifies our commitment towards the wind sector. If we continue growing at this rate we should achieve a generation capacity of around 2000MW over the next five years.“

The `Bhakrani` project strengthens CLP Group`s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the business by minimizing reliance on conventional coal fired generation to the extent possible and increasing the share of non-carbon emitting sources in their portfolio to 30% by 2020, of which 20% will be from renewable energy sources. With this new wind project, CLP India`s wind power portfolio has grown to 740MW, reinforcing its leadership position as the largest wind energy developer in India. This portfolio is spread across five states in India – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.