Wind energy in Ethiopia: 54 wind turbines from Spain

The Galician Basque group, as the Spanish representative of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), has signed the execution of all the logistics related to transportation of 54 wind turbines manufactured in different parts of Spain and will be installed in the interior of Ethiopia in the first wind farm.

In the words of M. Xoán Reboredo, Deputy Director of VGG, "this wind power project not only strengthen the logistic capacity of VGG, but is that Galicia resposibilidad provides an outlet for projects built in the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula, although we still have challenges to solve."

The Galician Basque group is responsible for the entire operation, manages the special source ground transportation, border management, cargo, shipping, unloading, customs management and delivery destination ground transportation, especially in the port of Djibouti and Alamata inside Ethiopia.

By José Santamarta,