Iran, China to produce electric vehicles

The cooperation will beging under agreements signed by an Iranian delegation and Chinese officials on the sidelines of the Iranian delegates’ visit to several industrial units engaged in production of electric vehicles in Shanghai.

Talking to IRNA, Acting Head of the DoP, Ali-Mohammad Sha’eri, said, ‘Vehicles account for more than 70 percent of pollution in metropolitan cities such as Tehran; So, we will do our best in cooperation with the country’s private sector to support production of electric vehicles that will help minimize pollution.’

He said during visits to several industrial units that have the technology for production of electric vehicles in Shahghai, an agreement was signed with the Chinese party for development of technology for building electric buses and minibuses in Iran in the next year.

He said presently, more than 10,000 worn-out minibuses are plying Iranian roads and streets. To this end, he added, using new technology for mass production of electric public transportation vehicles is of high importance.