Successful Test With Two Wind Turbines With Eco Wind Solutions

Completes Successful Test With Two Turbines With Eco-Wind – Solutions, Inc. On Roberts Development’s Main Office In – Houston, Texas

Building Turbines, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial rooftop wind turbine systems and other renewable energy technologies, announced today that it has completed the installation and test of two Windtronics/Honeywell wind generators.

Roberts Development, an industrial park developer in the Houston area with several completed developments, has finished a successful test of a dual wind generator system on one of their main office buildings, reducing electrical costs by approx. 20%.

Roberts Development is now ready to begin introducing Eco-Wind Solutions’ Wind Generators to its existing industrial parks and customers, as well as implementing the systems into their newest 30-building development in the north Houston area.
Introduction of the Eco-Wind generators to their facilities will allow Roberts Development to begin acquiring LEED certifications for their properties and the end-owners of their facilities.

The LEED certifications will allow for a windfall of tax credits and rebates to both Roberts Development and their end-owners in the form of increased property values, lower operations costs and abatement of property taxes for up to 10 years as well as lower electrical charges and fees for the lifetime of Eco-Wind’s Systems operations which is estimated to be 20 years or longer.

Dave Roberts, owner of Roberts Development, has said he is very satisfied with the system and is prepared to move toward retrofitting some of his facilities which will bring immediate savings in electrical costs to those buildings. He added that he looks forward to the benefits and cost savings LEED certification will bring to all of his business and his clients’ buildings.

Eco-Wind Solutions, Inc. and Building Turbines’ proposed merger reasonably anticipates significant business from Roberts Development as well as several other eminent clients of theirs which are expected to bring success to both their current businesses, and the merged entity, upon closing of the merger.

Based in Austin, Texas, Building Turbines, Inc. is a renewable energy company focused primarily on designing, manufacturing and deploying revolutionary rooftop mounted wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies for use in an urban environment.