Tunisia to build concentrated solar power plant

Tunisia to build 2,000 megawatts concentrating solar thermal power station. British investors have proposed the construction of a 2,000- megawatt concentrated solar power station in Rjim Maaatoug in sSouthwest Tunisia which will be directly connected to the European electric grid.

At the end of talks on Tuesday in Tunis with investors operating in the solar energy sector, the minister in charge of economic issues, Ridha Saîdi, said the project was estimated at 10 billion euros.

The solar power project’s execution period would be 6 years and the power station would create 20,000 jobs, he said.

The British ambassdor in Tunis, Christopher O’Connor, affirmed that the project would reinforce Tunisia’s position as a pioneer in the Arab Maghreb region and Africa in terms of solar energy-based power generation.