Electric Vehicles International Launches Medium Duty Truck

Electric Vehicles International (EVI), a leader in electric and hybrid vehicle development and sales, announced a major initiative that will help implement Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s recently issued Executive Order to achieve widespread deployment of zero-emission vehicles throughout California.

Over the next two years, this initiative will eliminate up to 12 million miles of toxic diesel emissions per year throughout California and will support the creation of many jobs in the state’s Central Valley.

"Governor Brown’s EV Executive Order is the type of leadership that drove our electric vehicle manufacturing operation to California from Mexico. We are proud to do our part to create jobs and clean the air in California," said Ricky Hanna, President and CEO of EVI.

A leader in deploying fully electric return-to-base delivery trucks, EVI has established a presence with large fleet customers like UPS, Frito-Lay and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). With the partnership and support of agencies such as the California Energy Commission, the California Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management District, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the Sacramento Air Quality Management District, EVI and UPS will jumpstart implementation of the Governor’s EV Executive Order early this summer by deploying 100 zero-emission medium duty delivery trucks marking the largest deployment of zero emission delivery vehicles ever in California, and one of the largest single deployments of commercial all-electric vehicles in the world.

Dr. Robert Weisenmiller, Chair of California Energy Commission, praised the 500 zero-emission truck initiative, saying, "this is the type of bold action needed to strengthen our state’s economy, create green jobs in California, and bolster advanced transportation infrastructure." "EVI’s endeavor is especially critical given the need to improve the air quality in the San Joaquin Valley and support Stockton’s job market. Additionally, Governor Brown’s recent announcement will help provide enhanced access to EV charging stations, cut California’s dependence on fossil fuels, and improve our air quality as more zero-emission vehicles roll onto our roadways," Weisenmiller added.

"We are thrilled that national fleet operators are choosing California to lead large-scale deployments of commercial electric vehicles. UPS’ deployment of 100 EVI zero emission vehicles this year and EVI’s 500-vehicle initiative over the next two years will greatly help improve public health in California by reducing air pollution. This proves that ultra-clean delivery vehicles are ready now for everyday use in our communities," said Mary D. Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board.

"EVI is proud to build EV trucks in California that significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs for fleet operators while meeting their day-to-day demands, as well as offering a much greater reduction in carbon footprint and fuel usage than electric/hybrid cars and light duty trucks," said Frank Jenkins, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of EVI. "Our plan is to be a major contributor to the successful accomplishment of California’s zero emission goals and to support jobs here in California."

EVI is a pioneer in zero emission electric vehicle development, manufacturing and deployment, with over 20 years of success optimizing zero emission, all-electric Powertrains. Our vehicles are manufactured with the most efficient electric motors and the safest, longest-lasting batteries, seamlessly integrated into tough American-built chassis relied upon by fleet operators throughout the nation and the world.