Wind energy in Ethiopia: Wind Farm Near Completion

The wind turbines project was launched in June of last year and is expected to be finalized by the coming June according to Miskir Negash, Head of Public Relations with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

The wind farm will have a potential capacity of 51 MW with a total of 34 wind turbines each generating 1.5 MW. The foundation work for the 34 towers has been completed with 25 towers already built he noted.

85% of the funding for the project was financed through a loan obtained from the Chinese Import-Export Bank. The Ethiopian government is making up the difference.

The mechanical work for the Adama project is being undertaken by Hydro China while Chinese contractor CGOC is in charge of the civil work.

Hydro China is preparing to commence test runs on the wind farm at an output of 15 MW. The farm will begin full operations in June explained Miskir.

The Adama wind project is being connected by a 33KV transmission line with a further 132 KV line 4.5 KM long is under construction. The substation has also been completed noted Miskir.

It is to be remembered that the EEPCo is in the process of establishing another wind farm, named Ashegoda, in Tigray Regional State. It is expected that the Ashegoda farm will have the potential capacity to generate 120 MW of electricity with the first phase generating 30 MW and the second and third phases 45 MW each. The Ashegoda wind farm project will become fully operational next year.