Wind energy in Bulgaria: Suzlon, Volkswind to Build Wind Farm

Suzlon, Volkswind to Build 74 Wind Turbines in Bulgaria. The wind energy project near Balchik in northeastern Bulgaria will be at least 150 megawatts in capacity depending on the size of turbine used.

The Sofia-based company has obtained the required approvals and completed necessary studies for the project, Huchzermeier said

Construction works are expected to begin next year.

"There’s a huge demand for energy and a huge demand for interconnecting wind farm projects," he said by phone from Bremen, Germany. "The supply of the grid has to keep pace with this demand and this is the problem."

At the end of April 2010 Suzlon’s European wing, Suzlon Wind Energy, the subsidiary of the wind turbine manufacturer has entered into an agreement with Volkswind Bulgaria GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Volkswind GmbH.

Suzlon already has a 13 MW project under construction in Bulgaria for a leading industrial client, and the new relationship is hoped to help grow Bulgaria’s wind industry even more.

Volkswind Bulgaria is one of the leading Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in Europe. With over 60 wind farms it is also one of the largest operators of wind farms in Germany.