Lithium Ion Batteries Market for Electric Vehicles at $43 Billion by 2020

Lithium ion batteries were first proposed in the 1970’s and commercially developed in the 1990’s. Since then, the market for lithium ion batteries has grown to $11 billion (2010) and is expected to reach $43 billion by 2020.

Up to now, the lithium ion battery market has been predominantly consumer (90% as of today) but new, diversified applications including xEV (Electric Vehicles/Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are expected to provide the new growth engines.

As a result, the lithium ion market landscape will undergo a profound change, bringing huge increases in demand, profits in the billions of US dollars and competitive upheaval.

This report provides a detailed look at the global lithium ion battery market in all its aspects, including:

The total addressable market and growth rates for xEV applications between 2010 and 2020.
Electric Vehicles/Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Electric Vehicles demand trends.
Major opportunities.
Battery technology trends.
Battery materials technology trends.
Battery technology, political and standards risks.
Challenges ahead.
Price trends.
Cost trends.
The competitive landscape.
Japanese, Korean and Chinese rivalry.
Producer market shares.
Partnerships and joint ventures.

Profiles of 50 leading foreign and US manufacturers are given, along with 14 figures and 1 table.