Solar oasis concentrated solar power project signed off

A funding deed has been signed by the private sector consortium, Sustainable Power Partners and the Commonwealth government.

Councillor Eddie Hughes said he was pleased to see the sign off for the $60 million funding deed following prolonged negotiations, and hoped work would be completed to schedule.

"The intent now is to see the first stage commissioned by 2014," he said.

"The first stage will see the construction of a ‘factory in the field’ which will produce 330 big dish parabolic dishes capable of generating temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees.

"Each big dish has 500 square metres of high tech mirrors which concentrate solar energy on a receiver to produce super critical hot steam which drives a turbine to produce electricity.

"In addition to the Australian developed and owned big dish technology the first stage will also see the development of a pipeline recirculation system and the integration of a conventional steam turbine, condenser and switchyard."