Solar energy and wind power in Vietnam

The 2nd International Exhibition for Renewable and Decentralized Energy Solutions (ENEREXPO Vietnam 2012) will open on Wednesday, attracting companies from 11 countries and territories, announced the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) on Monday.

During the 3-day expo, co-organized by MoST and German Messe Munchen Group, participants will focus on three major topics, including markets for renewable energy – at present and in the future; renewable energy technology experience and lessons; and opportunities and challenges in the field of renewable energy.

They also discuss on solutions including solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power, bioenergy, geothermal energy, power transmission, and decentralized energy supply.

Vietnamese gross domestic product (GDP) is set to experience real growth of around 6.5%in 2010. As compared with 2009, that is a significant increase (GDP 2009: 5.3%). For 2011, the Vietnamese government has set itself a target of plus 7.0 – 7.5%.

The demand for energy has risen immensely due to the country’s consistent economic growth. Energy needs increase annually by 17% due in part to the supply shortages of electricity in rural areas. Alternative and renewable energy sources are therefore playing an increasingly important role in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government is planning to develop energy sources that can replace fossil fuels in the period 2015 – 2025. Wind power and solar power are expected to account for half of the supplies concerned.

Vietnam’s geographic location offers exceptionally favourable conditions for energy capture from renewable sources such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. As such, Vietnam has the potential to generate wind energy amounting to around 513,360MW/year thanks to itswindy coastal areas andmountain regions.

Decentralised systems of power generation from renewable energy sources are becoming evermore important notably with regard to the electrification of rural regions.

The event expects to provide an opportunity for domestic and foreign investors in the field to exchange information and advanced solutions on renewable energy, and to expand their business. Domestic managers, scientists and businessmen can update the information about technologies, equipment and solutions by other countries worldwide, as well as seek their partners, said Deputy Director of MoST’s National Department for Scientific and Technological Information, Le Thi Khanh Van.

On the sidelines of the expo, seminars and conferences will be held to introduce visitors with new technologies and experience for development of renewable energy, improve awareness about the important role of selecting technologies suited to the acceptance capability, and skills on preparing documents and negotiating contracts on technological transfer to avoid risks during the transition process.

Realised projects

Wind farm Nhon Hoi / Binh Dinh Province built by Fuhrländer AG: 7.5 MW

Wind power project on Con Dao Island built by Aerogie Plus Solutions: 7.5 MW

Dutch Biogas programmes: Installation of 40,000 domestic biogas plants

Lam Dong Province, Dong Nai 3 and 4 hydropower project: 540 MW (in 2 years)

Ban Ve hydroelectric power plant: 320 MW

Planned projects

Construction of Tuy Phong Wind farm by 2011: 120 MW, total investment US$ 45 million

Binh Thuan province: 12 wind power projects (covering total of 13.900 ha) with total capacity of 1,540 MW for 10 investors.

Lam Dong province: Two wind farm projects with capacity of 150 MW and 80 MW respectively

Phuong Mai: 12 wind power engines with a capacity of 2.5 MW installed by Avantis Energy

Thanh Hoa province: Waste-to-energy plant, total investment US$ 48 million

Construction of a geothermal energy plant in the Mo Du District / Quang Ngai Province, 21 MW, total investment of US$ 39million

10,000 solar power roofs with total capacity of 10 MWp