Wind energy in India: Gamesa Wind Turbines of Chennai

The Madurai bench of the Madras high court has granted an interim injuction restraining authorities from dismantling or interrupting functioning of wind turbines erected by Gamesa Wind Turbines of Chennai in Kumarettiapuram village near Kayathar, Tuticorin district.

Justice K K Sasidharan gave the interim order on the Gamesa Wind Turbines of Chennai and Beta Wind Farm. After obtaining a no objection certificate from the electricity board, Gamesa Wind Turbines had erected eight wind turbine generators at the village for Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd.

The petitioners said that the wind turbines generators were erected at a huge cost, generation of electricity had commenced and was being injected into the grid. The electricity was being utilized by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd (TANGEDCO) for the supply to consumers. In the meanwhile, the panchayat president sent a letter stating that the wind turbine generators were being operated without permission of the panchayat and the companies were called upon to give details of wind turbines erected within the panchayat limits.

In pursuant to the letter, the panchayat president also called upon the Gamesa Wind Turbines to pay a sum Rs 1.72 in respect of each wind generator towards tax. He alleged that the company violated an order of rural development and local administration and further called upon Gamesa Wind to demolish and remove the wind turbines. Hence Gamesa Wind Turbines of Chennai and Beta wind Farm filed the present petition.

Posting the matter after two weeks, the judge also ordered notice to the state government and other authorities in the district including the panchayat president.