Increased Efficiency in Concentrating Solar Power, CCGT and Hybrid Technologies

The improved efficiency offered by advanced technologies like Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Combined-cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT and Hybrid could be the answer to the pressing issues the power generation market is currently tackling. CSP, CCGT and hybrid technologies increase operational flexibility, low cost of electricity, improve grid stability and reduce carbon emissions. Both global power equipment manufacturers and power generators are examining ways to improve and apply these attractive technologies as governments around the world incentivize these efforts.


– Need for reduction in anthropogenic carbon emissions in atmosphere

– Increased efficiency offered by CSP, CCGT and Hybrid Technologies

– Impacts of enhanced storage and operational flexibility by these advanced technologies

Reasons to Buy:

– Gain insights on the CSP, CCGT and Hybrid Technologies

– Ways of improving efficiencies of CSP, CCGT and Hybrid power generating plants

– Flexibility offered by these technologies facilitates growth

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2 Summary

3 Increased Efficiency in CSP, CCGT and Hybrid Technologies – an Answer to the Demands of a Changing Power Market

3.1 CSP Power GenerationTechnology – Offering Clean Energy

3.2 Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine – Improves Grid Stability and Backs Up Renewables

3.3 Hybrid Technology Offers Unique Operational Flexibility Along with Increased Efficiency

3.4 Sources for the Viewpoint