1500 MW wind power projects in Pakistan

Around 1500 MW Wind Farm projects are being set up in private sector which would help meet the growing electricity needs in the coming season. On Grid, Solar Power Systems are also being installed as part of government efforts to overcome load-shedding, an official source said here on Thursday.

The sources while enumerating the strategies being adopted to control load shedding on Sunday said, rehabilitation of Power Generating Companies (GENCOs) was being undertaken under USAID financial assistance of US $ 51.621 millions to recover 315 MW of lost capacity. Around 3393 MW of new power plants have also added since 2008.

About the steps taken to improve the financial viability for purchase of RFO for thermal plants,he said these are timely release of subsidy to power sector, effective measures through reduction of losses, improvement in recovery of receivables and provision of 10 million CFL to reduce the load on system.

Answering a question, he said the duration of load shedding is based on shortfall between Generation & Demand of electricity. On the basis of the actual shortfall, the duration of load-shedding of electricity in Rural & Urban areas of the country for the up-coming summer would be estimated.