Siemens to invest in wind energy in Serbia

Siemens plans to invest EUR 24mn over the next two years in producing a new type of wind power generators in its Serbian plant, the director general of the plant was quoted as saying by news service eKapija.

This type of wind power generators will be produced only in Serbia, Tihomir Rajlic told a news conference in the northern town of Subotica, where the plant is located. He added that the plant produces more than 150 wind farm generators per month.

It is expected to manufacture 110 pieces of the new type until 2014. The Subotica plant also plans to raise the number of employees from 500 to 650 within two years, as well as to build another production unit on an area of 2,100 square metres until the summer.

Rajlic reminded that there is still no single wind turbine erected in Serbia since the responsible authorities have not yet set the ground for wind energy development in the country.