Wind energy in Texas: wind energy power record

Wind power output reached 7,599 MW the evening of March 7, exceeding the 7,403 MW record from March 6. Prior to March 6, the record for wind farm output in ERCOT was 7,400 MW, recorded on Oct. 7, 2011.

At the time of the new record, wind was supplying 22 percent of the total system load, or 34,318 MW.

Coastal wind farms supplied 1,018 MW of the new record, along with 6,581 MW from the west and north zones. ERCOT currently has 9,838 MW of installed wind capacity, including 7,531 MW in the western part of the state; 232 MW in the north; and 2,075 MW in the coastal region.

ERCOT began using the new tool March 6 to calculate day-ahead and real-time west to north stability limits. ERCOT increased its installed wind farm capacity last month by 9 MW with the addition of the Harbor Wind energy project.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas operates the electric grid and manages the deregulated market for 75 percent of the state.