Wind energy in US: new wind farm of Iberdrola with Gamesa’s wind turbines

The Company has previously signed a long-term wind power purchase agreement for the power generated by this wind farm. The Company has also started work on the 189 MW Manzana wind power project in California, another key initiative for which two long-term power purchase agreements have also been signed.

IBERDROLA is present in 18 US states where it has installed capacity of more than 5,200 MW, having added over 730 MW in 2011

IBERDROLA, the global leader in renewable energy, has completed construction of the Blue Creek wind farm in the United States, one of the largest such facilities in the world with installed capacity of 304 megawatts (MW).

Blue Creek is situated in six townships in Van Wert and Paulding Counties, Ohio and features 152 Gamesa G90 turbines, with unit capacity of 2 MW and standing 100 meters high.

This wind farm will generate 20 new permanent jobs in the local area and peaked at over 500 people during its construction, involving 20 local companies.

In February 2011, IBERDROLA signed a power purchase agreement with the US firm FirstEnergy Solutions, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., for 100 MWs of the total output of the project over the next 20 years.

IBERDROLA has also started work this month on the Manzana wind power project, another key renewables initiative in the US, which is located near the town of Rosamond in California and will have installed capacity of 189 MW.

The Company has also signed two agreements for the power generated by this facility, one with the San Diego Gas & Electric company, which will receive the power generated by 100 MW over the next 20 years, and another with the City of Santa Clara’s Silicon Valley Power, which will receive the energy produced by 50 MW over the same period.

IBERDROLA oversees its US renewables operations from headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and has over 850 employees in the country. It is the second largest wind power company in the country by installed capacity with over 5,200 MW. The Company is present in 18 states and has been the fastest growing wind energy company over the last three years, having started up a total of 732 MW in 2011.

With renewable operations in 23 countries, IBERDROLA is the world leader in its sector by both installed capacity (nearly 13,690 MW at the end of 2011) and output (over 20,700 million kilowatt hours generated in 2011).