Brazil accounts for 50% of wind power in Latin America

The figures of the Latin American Wind Energy Association (GWEC), presented at a meeting held in Mexico this month highlights the leadership Brazil’s wind farm market in Latin America. Brazil accounted for 50% of wind turbines installed in Latin America in 2011 with 582.6 MW, and also stands as a leader in wind energy investment.

In the second position in the same classification, is occupied by Mexico, with 31%, Honduras, with 9%, 7% in Argentina and Chile with 3%. Brazil also highlighted in cumulative installed wind farm capacity by country from 2008 to 2012, reaching a volume of 1,509 MW.

Analysis of the growth prospects for 2020, the forecast could not be more positive for the Brazilian wind power market.

ABEEólica, Brazil Wind Energy Association, is an institution that brings together and represents the wind energy sector in the country and continues to act to ensure the sustainability of the wind power industry, which showed a remarkable growth in recent years. "Our forecast is that Brazil has the potential to reach 20,000 MW by 2020 and that number is very plausible. To sustain this industry, you must install at least 2 GW per year," said Pedro Perrelli, Director General of the Association of Wind Energy Brazil (ABEEólica), who attended the meeting.

According to data provided by GWEC, the forecast is that Latin America and the Caribbean is to reach 30,000 MW of cumulative capacity by 2020.

Wind turbines market

The Council also presented statistics on the participation of the wind turbine manufacturers in the three major Latin American markets. In Brazil, Enercon has 43%, 24% are of Suzlon, Vestas 22% and 10% Impsa.

In Mexico’s leading company is Acciona with 63% of the wind turbines sold, Gamesa has 23% and 14% is from Clipper. In Chile, Vestas owns 57% of wind turbines, 30% is Acciona, DeWind 10% and Siemens 2%.

Wind energy in Brazil

1997: 3 MW
1998: 17 MW
1999: 19 MW
2000: 22 MW
2001: 24 MW
2002: 22 MW
2003: 24 MW
2004: 24 MW
2005: 29 MW
2006: 237 MW
2007: 247 MW
2008: 339 MW
2009: 606 MW
2010: 931 MW
2011: 1,509 MW
2020: 20,000 MW (p)