Prime Concentrating Solar Energy Farm Land in Desert Hot Springs California

GDT Tek (PINKSHEETS: GDTKD) announced that escrow has closed on 109 acres of prime solar power farm property in Desert Hot Springs (DHS), CA.

GDT Tek has implemented a plan to develop the DHS property with a combination of traditional PV commercial solar panels and also plans to use its own waste heat to electricity technology combined with solar concentrating panels on a portion of the land. The land is located near Palm Springs with excellent accessibility to the grid. There are already thousands of wind turbines located in the area.

President of GDT Tek, Bo Linton, commented, "We made this land purchase at a great time. There was an article last week in the LA Times stating these types of properties are now starting to be gobbled up at 10-20 fold what they were worth a few years ago. (see article We are also looking into using wind power on the land as well. We plan to get as many megawatts out of the land per acre as possible."

Linton later stated, "Our plan is to develop a 20MW facility on 100 of the acres and use the 9 remaining acres to build a pilot system utilizing a new solar thermal style panel that the GDT Tek waste heat to electricity system employs. Our CTO, Ralf Horn, has estimated that our system will prove to be 40% more cost efficient and productive than current PV technology. Once we build it side by side the proof will show right on the meters for the entire world to see. It’s our goal to become the frontrunner in solar farm technology and this site is a major step in getting us recognized as what we believe to be the best solar farm technology on the planet."

GDT Tek, Inc. is an Orlando, Florida-based publicly traded company (PINKSHEETS: GDTKD) focused on renewable and sustainable energy technologies. The company has licensed patented waste heat to electric power generation technology and is driving its adoption by power plants, landfills and other waste-heat generating industries. GDT Tek’s waste heat to electricity systems are powerful enough to serve as a primary energy source, highly efficient, immediately cash-flow positive when installed under a Power Purchase Agreement and are scalable with system sizes from 150 KW/Hr to 5000 KW/Hr currently available. The GDT Tek system has been proven through a long-term five year installation at a San Jose, California-area landfill. Waste heat captured from landfill-generated methane gas generator engine exhaust and radiator jacket coolant systems is used by the GDT Tek system to generate electricity which is then sold to the grid. Professor Robert W. Dibble of the University of California at Berkeley assessed the GDT Tek system and stated that "Of the many technologies that I have evaluated over the course of the past several decades, GDT Tek’s heat to power conversion solution has proven to be the most reliable, versatile, efficient, lowest emissions, and overall cost-effective solution available in today’s changing world market."

RTR Global Investments, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of GDT Tek, Inc. Its holds projects, contracts, and power purchase agreements for its parent company GDT Tek, Inc.