Lithium ion batteries for solar power and electric vehicles

Enerize Disruptive, Low Cost, Solid State Lithium Battery and Solar Polymer Technology at ARPA-E 2012. Technology-rich Enerize Corporation (Enerize) will announce advanced flexible solid state lithium battery and single film polymer encapsulated solar power PV hybrid device at the 2012 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Technology-rich Enerize Corporation (Enerize) will announce advanced flexible solid state lithium battery and single film polymer encapsulated solar PV hybrid device at the 2012 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. Enerize has developed advanced Li-ion and Lithium battery materials, components, and cell technology and is evaluating business opportunities for market entry.

Enerize will present flexible solid state lithium battery technology in Booth 946 at ARPA-E’s third annual “Energy Innovation Summit” February 27-29. Enerize’s disruptive solid state battery technology includes working temperatures up to 150° C, together with flexible high efficiency solar PV module encapsulated with single film nano structured transparent polymer. Single film encapsulation deliver increases in absolute photon to electron conversion efficiency of solar PV modules versus glass and/or multiple polymer film (whether in single layer or multiple layers) encapsulation. These benefits are delivered at a lower cost in equipment, materials, and operating cost.

ARPA-E’s energy events are designed to bring together key players from across the energy ecosystem – researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and government officials – to share ideas for developing and deploying the next generation of energy technologies. See for complete details of the 2012 program.

Solid State Lithium Batteries: The key components of Enerize’s solid state Lithium batteries are increased capacity high density cathode, increased energy anode based on silicon-graphite composition, and solid high conductive electrolyte. This battery technology with solid state inorganic electrolyte enables the safe use of Lithium metal as anode. Enerize uses proprietary electrode and cell manufacturing equipment that enables low cost. Cells are manufactured at 80° C, enabling the use of most polymers and metal foils as flexible substrates.

Li-ion Batteries: The key components of Enerize Li-ion batteries are low cost high capacity Manganese spinel materials and cathodes (about 2x conductivity and density versus current commercial LiCoO2 materials and cathodes), stabilized electrolytes with 95% reduction in SEI formation and gas evolution during battery charging, and high energy modified graphite and modified graphite/embedded silicon anode materials and anodes – where no binder is required. And Enerize advanced Manganese Dioxide technology enables higher performance primary batteries.

Enerize seeks commercialization partners to deliver higher performance and lower cost benefits to customers versus current battery technologies. And higher safety and operating temperature benefits for its flexible, solid state, thin film batteries.

Nano Structured Transparent Polymer technology developed by Enerize delivers single film, hermetic seal encapsulation for solar cells and modules, OLEDs, and displays – including flexible. Enerize is evaluating business opportunities for sale or license of this technology. This technology delivers cost and performance benefits versus alternative encapsulation methods and polymer materials.

Non-destructive, Non-contact Testing (NDT) Equipment developed by Enerize is in commercial use for off-line and on-line testing for powdered materials, electrolytes, electrodes, & cells for R&D development and manufacturing applications. Li-ion battery and super capacitor companies in the US, South Korea, France, and UK have purchased and are successfully using NDT equipment for testing of initial materials and for hidden defects in components (including thin films) and final products in batteries, supercapacitor and solar cell production.