Solar thermal in Desert Hot Springs California

Upon the commissioning of their new solar hot water and pool heating systems, Aqua Soleil Hotel in Desert Hot Springs is able to enjoy the benefits of solar thermal technology. Through the collaborative efforts of California Solar Thermal and Sunup Energy, two of southern California’s leading solar thermal developers, Aqua Soleil hotel will provide 80% of the annual hot water demand directly from the sun’s rays!

The solar water heating system consists of thirty-two Kioto flat plate solar collectors, which will heat a 1,550 gallon solar storage tank. “It’s a very simple design,” explains Matt Traficonte, California Solar Thermal’s operation manager. “The solar storage tank will directly heat the domestic water supply of the building to the desired temperature.” More information on Kioto flat plate collectors can be found at

“This is one of the largest solar thermal installations in Coachella Valley and we are thrilled to provide this great benefit to the operators of Aqua Soleil and their wonderful staff and guests,” stated SunUp Energy’s sales consultant Ward Riggins. Rick Rothman, president of SunUp was also enthusiastic about the installation, “with our web-based monitoring system, we can track the system’s performance from our offices and ensure that we are providing them with clean and reliable energy.”

Aqua Soleil Hotel is eligible for a rebate from the California Solar Initiative-Thermal program. The CSI Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $500,000 for Multifamily and Commercial properties and up to $1,875 for homeowners. The funding for the CSI-Thermal program comes from public utility ratepayers and exceeds $250M. For more information visit CSI-Thermal at

California Solar Thermal and Sunup Energy have partnered to develop solar commercial projects throughout Southern California. The two companies collaborate on design, engineering, equipment selection, sales and contracting to produce the most cost-effective system designed for custom commercial applications. Both companies are currently joint venturing on ten commercial solar hot water projects in the region, totaling over 1200 solar pan.