Greek Government Is Committed To Reach 40% of Electricity from Wind Energy and Solar Power in 2020

With many old lignite power plants to be decommissioned, several gas and lignite plants are under construction. These actions are occurring as Europe is facing the consequences of the economic and financial crisis. Europe’s consumptions shrank by 5% and primary production faced a noticeable drop as well. The trade deficit was reduced by 8%, respectively due to substantial cuts in energy imports.

The Greece energy market report is a reliable source for understanding the key issues and dynamics shaping the Greek energy industry. With timely, up-to-date energy industry data and demand forecasts, this report will help you identify and exploit challenges and opportunities in the Greek energy sector. The report details the sub-sectors of the energy industry (Crude Oil, refined oil products, Natural Gas, Coal, Electricity and Renewable) in Greece.

In this report you will find:

Overview of energy industry sub-segments: oil, gas, coal, power, renewable Evolution of the regulatory environment and institutions as regards energy and climate change policies Key companies active in the Greek energy industry, along the value chain of each sub-segment Up-to-date insight on market structures, regulatory developments, and asset developments Market dynamics and trends, detailed by energy and by sector Analysis supported by a large number of time series on production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves for each industry sub-segment Projects under development in the country, including power plants, refineries, LNG terminals, gas pipelines Analysis of the likely evolution of the market and key industry drivers