Wind energy contributes 106 GWh to grid in Mexico in 2011

Output averaged 10.3GWh/month in the first three months of the year and 12.7GWh/month in the final three months of the year. Output from April-September was 6.7GWh/month.

A total 863 MW was operating at the end of 2011. That amount is expected to grow to 1.95GW at end-2012 and 2.55GW at the end of 2013.

In order to deal with the additional wind capacity coming online, Cenaces’ main challenge in 2013 will be accurate forecasting of wind plants’ operation by hour in order to plan dispatch, and assigning units to be operated one day in advance.

Cenace will primarily have to coordinate wind energy with generation from its hydroelectric plants on the Grijalva river, which have a combined 4.8GW capacity.

Furthermore, additional wind energy will require scheduling maintenance of the plants themselves and the transmission network associated with the 400kV Sureste line for the February-September period, when output is less.