Mass Megawatts Wind Power, MMMW, Started Production of Wind-Powered Water Pump Systems

Construction was completed in December 2011 before the winter snow season on the initial unit, which provides a low-cost solution for water pump applications commonly needed on farms and ranches throughout the central plains of the United States.

Introduced in December by Mass Megawatts Wind Power, MMMW, the wind-powered unit provides a lower-cost solution when compared to more traditional water pumping systems, including those powered by diesel generators. Water pumps are commonly used for agricultural purposes, including irrigation and for the delivery of water to livestock in remote locations.

The Mass Megawatts Wind Power wind-powered water pump leverages the patented, wind augmenter technology to increase the wind velocity directed at the wind turbine. This, in turn, results in a significant increase in power output which provides considerable torque for mechanical applications.

The Mass Megawatts Wind Power, MMMW, wind-powered system is designed to operate efficiently without high towers or complicated, expensive technologies. The system utilizes off-the-shelf parts, is capable of operating in lower wind-speed locations, and with reduced maintenance costs. Production of two additional wind power units started at the company’s manufacturing facility located in Morrison, Colorado in December 2011. However, retooling of the manufacturing facility in January 2012 paved the way for more efficient production of future systems to be manufactured in the next few months.